Bagong Pilipinas para sa Bagong Henerasyon: The 7 Pillars, Basic and Higher Education Reform

Introduction to the Second Pillar: Quality Education Should Be Accessible to Everyone

“Ang bawat isang Pilipino ay likas na yaman.”

Gibo considers the Filipino people as one of the country’s most important natural resources. He also believes education is a basic human right that should be affordable and accessible to all. 

Only with proper education can the country ensure productive citizens that can be of service to their families and ultimately, the Philippines. 

Gibo also advocates that literacy should already be introduced as early as children attend daycare and that high school and college should enrich their curriculums to provide for more learning opportunities. Additionally, Gibo pushes for the establishment of a student loan program from the government so that any Filipino who aspires to study will finally have the means to attain proper education. 

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