Bagong Pilipinas para sa Bagong Henerasyon: The 7 Pillars, Vaccine Administration

Introduction to the First Pillar: Expedite Vaccine Administration to Reopen the Economy

“Bakuna, bakuna, bakuna!”

Gibo believes that in order to reopen the Philippine economy following the pandemic, Filipinos must first get fully vaccinated so they can safely return to work. Once jobs are reopened, the economy can begin to revitalize.

He is aware, however, that the country faces multiple hurdles to mass vaccination since firstly, the Philippines is an archipelago, which makes the already strenuous process of vaccine delivery even more difficult. Secondly, plenty of Filipinos are still wary of the vaccines. Gibo advocates that the government must provide more efficient modes of transporting vaccines and educating the public on the safety of getting vaccinated against COVID.

“Ako po’y humihikayat sa ating kababayan na magpabakuna na, hindi lang para sa atin, pero para sa ating pamilya, at sa ating bansa,” – Former Defense Secretary Gibo Teodoro

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