Sino ba si Gibo Teodoro?

Gilberto C. Teodoro, Jr., a popular public figure in the Philippines, has extensive experience in both the private and the public sector. He was Secretary of National Defense, a three-term Member of Congress, and a youth leader in his teens.

He practiced law and became a corporate executive. He was a key figure in the Nationalist People’s Coalition and then became Chairman and Presidential Candidate of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD Coaliton Party in the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections. He is now an independent consultant to several public and private initiatives.

Gibo Teodoro


  • 1980-1986

    Member, Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Tarlac

  • 1980-1986

    President, Kabataang Barangay of Central Luzon

  • 1984

    Graduated from De La Salle University - Manila with a degree in BS Commerce, Major in Financial Institutions

  • 1989

    Gibo finished Law at the University of the Philippines 1st Place, 1989 Philippine Bar Examinations

  • 1989

    1st Place, 1989 Philippine Bar Examinations

  • 1989

    He finished Masters of Law at Harvard University and passed the New York State Bar Examination

  • 1989 - 1996

    Became an 'Associate Attorney' at Estelito Mendoza Law Office, a law firm owned by Estelito P. Mendoza, former Solicitor General of the Philippines.

  • 2001

    Leadership Awardee | Seminar Academic Excellence Awardee during his time at the Air Command and Staff College, Air Education and Training Command Philippine Air Force Command and Staff Course

  • 2003

    He attended the Joint and Combined Staff Officers Course, Class Nr 1, JCSC in Camp Aguinaldo and was honored as a Leadership Awardee

  • 1998 - 2007

    Gibo Teodoro served as the congressman of the 1st District of Tarlac for 3 consecutive terms. He authored 106 bills.

  • 2007

    Appointed as Secretary of the Department of National Defense during President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's term. Gibo Teodoro was the youngest defense secretary to hold the position at 43 years old.

  • 2008

    While serving as the Secretary of Defense, Gibo Teodoro also became the Chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC).

  • 2009

    He finished Doctor of Law at West Negros University.


Human Rights Advocacy

Sec. Gibo has always been a consistent advocate of the need to uphold the dignity and worth of each and every human being, regardless of status in life. Under his term as SND, the DND intensified its campaign to ensure that AFP and DND personnel are continually updated and oriented on human rights matters such as dealing with children involved in and affected by armed conflict, the elimination of racial discrimination, convention against torture, political violence, investigating human rights violation cases, and international rules on military operations

The DND and AFP also engaged in collaborations with various groups and sectors such as the Commission on Human Rights, the Red Cross, the religious sector, other countries’ Armed Forces, and the Supreme Court, particularly on rules governing the Writs of Amparo, Habeas Data and other rulings. The Department was also one of the first government agencies to initiate para-legal seminars on Writ of Amparo and Writ of Habeas Data

Institutionalization of Reforms within the DND

When Sec. Gibo assumed the DND post in August 2007, he underscored his desire to institutionalize reforms in the Defense Department that would enhance defense service, systems, procedures and capabilities and put in place a “stronger, rational and strategy-based national defense policy”. In order to achieve this, he supported the implementation of the Defense System of Management which aims at providing a systematic approach in identifying realistic resource needs that can be supported to attain current and future capabilities of the whole Department and in determining systemic flaws in the Defense Department which the Philippine Defense Reform (PDR) Program seek to address. Sec. Gibo likewise assumed full responsibility of the reform program when he took over the chairmanship of the PDR Board.

Public Assistance

Sec. Gibo activated the Public Assistance Desk of DND which resulted in fast-tracked and personalized actions on requests and complaints forwarded to the DND. Since its activation in 2008, the PAD was able to handle hundreds of cases covering assistance for PVAO benefits, financial, indorsements, AFP benefits and medical assistance.

Transparency Measures

Sec. Gibo stressed that transparency will not be sacrificed over the need for expeditious procurements for the Defense Capability Upgrade Program. Under his watch, DND entered into a MOA with Citizens Against Corruptions and MBC to strengthen their role as observers of DND Bids and Awards (BAC) proceedings at all stages of procurement to promote transparency. Sec. Gibo also directed the conduct of investigations to assure the regularity of proceedings and to further uphold the primary concepts of justice and fair play. This resulted in the filing of a complaint before the Office of Ombudsman against officials of the DND and AFP considered responsible for the irregularities in the attack helicopters NCAH Project and resulted in the declaration of a failed bidding that insulated the project cost of Php1.2 Billion from corruption.

AFP Capability Upgrade Program

Since September 2007, various contracts have been approved under the AFP Capability Program. Among which includes contracts for Fixed Communication System, Squad Automatic Weapon, 1 ¼ Ton Troop Carrier, APC M113, UHF Communication System, EOD Bomb Suit, Army Watercraft, Multi-purpose Attack Craft, Basic Trainer Aircraft and Fokker F-28 JET IRAN. It was also during the term of Secretary Teodoro when the Coast Watch South was activated. This provides the first line of defense towards detecting and interdicting unlawful activities of sea-going vessels passing through the southern corridors of the Philippines.

Strengthening the Legal Offensives of the AFP

Gibo placed a primer on the importance of increased legal awareness and competency in military operations. This led to the creation of the AFP Joint Intelligence Committee, Subcommittee on Legal Offensives, among others.

Disaster Risk Management

Sec. Gibo Teodoro took a proactive stance on the holistic concept of disaster risk management and involved the local government units to enhance their risk management capabilities. Implemented the Hazard Mapping and Assessment for Effective Community Based Risk Management (READY Project), the development of advocacy campaigns, contingency plans, and the Building Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP), as well as the establishment of Community-Based Flood Early Warning Systems for preparedness and mitigation, among other things.

Moreover, the NDCC organized almost a thousand disaster coordinating councils down to the level of barangay and volunteer civil groups. Took the Office of Civil Defense for disaster preparedness training, management and relief operations in tandem with the Armed Forces which was replicated down to the national, regional, provincial, city, and municipal levels and was filtered down to the barangays. Meanwhile, the OCD Operations Center continuously monitored, coordinated, and recorded disaster incidents, facilitated the coordination of disaster response operations, rehabilitation initiatives, and the release of financial assistance to support recovery amounting to Php 3.67 Billion.

Support for Veterans Affairs

Sec. Gibo prioritized improving services for veterans during his term, and has caught/apprehended a number of PVAO employees who are now facing administrative and criminal charges during the war against “fixers”.

The Task Force “Bayad Agad” was created to expedite the processing of payments of arrearages to pensioners and significantly reduced the processing time of old-age pension from 60 days (2001) to 16 days. Meanwhile, all eligible Filipino WWII veterans were given stimulus packages through a lump-sum payment of $15,000 for US Citizens and $9,000 for non-US citizens due to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Resolving the Internal Security Threat.

Sec. Gibo and the DND focused their resources towards resolving the internal security threat last 2010. Operations resulted in significant net reduction of CT members, high-powered firearms, affected barangays, and guerilla fronts. A total of 442 armed engagements have been recorded between the AFP and the MILF which resulted in 143 killed, 32 captured, 13 apprehended, and 69 surrendered MILF combatants, as well as the recovery of 47 high-powered firearms from the MILF. Meanwhile, there were 57 armed engagements between the AFP and the ASG which resulted in 27 killed (19 key ASG personalities), 11 captured, 13 apprehended, and 3 surrendered ASG combatants, as well as the recovery of 11 high-powered firearms from the ASG.

Support for Nation Building

Sec. Gibo broadened the nation’s security objectives into a “whole of government” strategy, where the most notable is the Balik-Baril project resulting in 206 CTMs and 12 SPSGs with their 236 firearms and 5 explosives surrendered under the program in 2008.

As secretary of DND, he also implemented the Kalayaan Barangay Program (KBP) to ensure that national development efforts reach critical areas affected by insurgent or secessionist movements wherein 501 of which were implemented (258 school buildings, 147 water supply systems, 96 farm-to-market roads) for 2008. Meanwhile, 200 KBP projects were implemented in various barangays in Luzon and Visayas in 2009.

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