Bagong Pilipinas para sa Bagong Henerasyon: The 7 Pillars, Connectivity to Unite the Country

Introduction to the Fifth Pillar: Connectivity to Unite the Country

It is hard to unite a nation that is physically disconnected because of its geography. Connectivity is key to foundation to strengthen the Philippines 

“Of course for normal operations for command and control, you need to upgrade your digital infrastructure and interconnectivity particularly our archipelago”

With the advent of technology and the world rapidly transitioning to the digital space, Gibo is pushing for a strengthening of the security system to protect not just the citizens’ information but also the national security’s. 

The former defense secretary also emphasizes the need to have a strong internet connection in every corner of the Philippines for the Filipino people to be able to talk to their loved ones wherever they may be. 

Connectivity is one of the foundations of a strong nation. It must be our National Interest to achieve efficient and effective physical connections for our archipelagic country. Improving physical and digital connectivity will allow us to provide better social services and drive economic development to all provinces in the Philippines. 


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