GIBO backs relocating seat of gov’t

May 2, 2022

Former Secretary of National Defense and senatorial candidate Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro supports the proposal to relocate the seat of government from Metro Manila to a well-planned, smart, and resilient city.

Gibo Teodoro, also the former chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC), said the Office of the President and other headquarters of government agencies should be located in an area where risks and damages from inclement weather and other natural disasters are low.

“With the rising sea level, the threat of the ‘Big One’, and the congestion in Metro Manila, the government should prepare to relocate Malacañang Palace and the offices of government agencies in a well-planned city,” he said.

Gibo Teodoro added that before relocating the government offices to another area, there should be available quality infrastructures.

“If we will design a new seat of government outside Metro Manila, it should have train and other transportation system, roads, housing, sewage, water system, water impounding, and other infrastructure that will make the area resilient,” the former Tarlac congressman and 1989 bar top notcher said.

Should relocating the seat of government be pursued, Gibo Teodoro also proposed to preserve Malacañang Palace as a national historic landmark.

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