GIBO pushes for Federalism in our fight for Functional Regions

September 26, 2021

“Federalism is a catchphrase. What the Philippines needs is a system that will suit it to allow the different areas, conditions, and characteristics of the 7,100 islands to develop their inherent capabilities in order to deliver basic services to their constituents,” former Defense Secretary Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro said in reaction to calls for the country to change to a Federal form of government.

“The idea of Federalism must carry a commensurate value proposition or that the system must be innovative with its structures acceptable and attractive to an area’s residents to have favorable results,” Teodoro said. “The system must be likened to a worthy investment that will redound to economic benefits that outweigh investments involved in human, physical, digital and financial capital, among others.”

Teodoro advocates capacitating each and every unit of our country, making areas capable of achieving their respective objectives and courses of action. Capacitating each political unit from the highest to the lowest in order, in order for them to give adequate basic, appropriate, and timely services to the people. With this, preserving the state or national interests in national defense, national security, and international relations.

The goal of the Federal system is to have each and every place in the Philippines be as capable and self-sufficient as possible, he said. There is a need for a national infrastructure because of our international commitments and stature. He added that the individual component units of a state will not be able to address particular situations when they are overwhelmed such as in the case of the pandemic.

“The end in view that I envision is a Philippines where the different areas, clusters and hubs give the most functional and efficient services to the people in those areas and a strong unified presence in national matters,” Teodoro said.

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