GIBO hopes for a competitive, secured, progressive PH

April 26, 2022

Former Secretary of National Defense and senatorial candidate Gilbert (GIBO) Teodoro shared that his vision for the country is to make the Philippines competitive, secure, and progressive.

“My intention is to make the country better not for me, but for our children and the future generations. That’s our intention because it serves everybody,” Gibo Teodoro said in a one-on-one interview with Toni Gonzaga on her YouTube channel Toni Talks.

Advocating for a “Bagong Pilipinas para sa Bagong Henerasyon”, the senatorial candidate said that the government has to reshape the country to respond to the needs of the future.

“It is important to know what would be the vision of our youth, their aspirations of the future so that we can work on it now, to start the process because it is a long process,” the former Tarlac congressman and 1989 bar top notcher said.

Gibo Teodoro said this vision for a better Philippines would be possible only with a forward-looking government.

“What is your intention for the future of our country – to have food security, for our countrymen to have access to healthcare, jobs, and livelihood opportunities. That is what our citizens are looking for,” Gibo Teodoro said.

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